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In the wild, Tigers move as solitary hunters. But when they come together in the hunt, the group is called a Streak. Tyger Tyger is a strategic branding agency made up of fiercely talented experts who collaborate across the world. We’re a lean team of specialized creatives with over 20+ years of accumulative experience. Our accomplished strategists + creatives have come together to serve your vision even as they roam from place-to-place. We collect experts globally, and customize a team per project that fits your strategy. Running together, we create brands that burn bright.

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Roaming across continents, our award winning core team moves in stealth internationally. Tyger Tyger is a tight team both in Canada and South Africa, but we know strength isn’t in numbers; our collective of professionals are selected for their groundbreaking work in marketing and branding throughout the industry. We’ve won awards internationally, we sit on councils and boards, and we bring fresh perspectives from our gathered experiences. Our agency model allows for your team to collaborate with ours, in any capacity you require.

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rumble in our jungle